The Edward W. Santos Community Service Award shall be overseen by the Board of Directors that maintains up to seven active seats. Each having a term of three years.

A minimum of one seat should be occupied by a member of Ed’s family - wife, daughter, granddaughter.

Selection of the Board shall be made by the Executive Director (Michael Gallerani) or his successor. 

There shall be no term limits for Board members, but all are encouraged to take a break in service equal to the length of one term at a minimum after serving two terms. Ed’s family are exempted from this.

The remaining seats shall be occupied by people with a strong sense of Plymouth, whether it be as a long-time resident, or as someone that has a long history or interest in the community.

Elected officials and active officers of local non-profits shall not serve on the Board. Former officials may be considered.

No Board member or the Executive Director shall be compensated financially for their time and effort.

No active or immediate past Board member shall be eligible for the Annual Award.

A cooling-off period of thirty-six months is suggested.

Annual Calendar

April – Kick-0ff of the Nomination period           

April – August – Receipt Annual Award nominations

October – The Board selects the Annual Award recipient 

November – Annual Award recipient publicly announced